Female Breasts reduction surgery or ‘Reduction Mammoplasty’

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Female Breast Reduction surgery also helps in improving self-esteem and self-assurance.
For anyone who is considering Breast Reduction surgery, check with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. It’s important to understand what breasts reduction surgery entails, possible risks and difficulties and whether it will meet expectations.

Why Breast Reduction Surgery is done?
Breasts reduction surgery is for women who have abnormally large breasts that affect daily life because of pain in breasts during menses, dragging weight on shoulders, fungal infections in breast crease, back pain or embarrassment during athletic activities.
If you have not started a family, you may delay Breast Reduction surgery until pregnancy isn’t a concern because breast engorgement during pregnancy could affect your surgical results. Breast feeding after a reduction surgery may or may not be possible, depending upon the size of the glands tissues to be removed. This aspect you will need to discuss with your surgeon.

Possible risks
⦁ Breast Reduction surgery has the same dangers or hazards as any other kind of major surgery. Other possible risks include:
⦁ Scarring
⦁ Loss of feeling in the nipples
⦁ Inability to breast feed
⦁ Variations in the size or shape in left and right breasts

How you will be prepared
The cosmetic surgeon will likely:
⦁ Examine your medical history and health
⦁ Discuss your expectations for breast size and appearance
⦁ Analyse your breasts
⦁ Describe the sort of anaesthesia used during surgery
⦁ What results you can expect
⦁ At Vital Clinic Breast Reduction surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia.

During the procedure
The specific technique applied to reduce the size of breasts may vary. Generally, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision throughout the areola and down the breast. Extra breast tissue, fat and skin are then removed to reduce the size of breasts.
Mostly, the nipple and areola remain fastened to the breast. If perhaps your breasts are incredibly large and droopy, nevertheless, your nipple and areola might need to be removed and then reattached at a higher position on your breast.

After the procedure
Breasts will be covered with a gauze dressing or bandages. A tube might be located under each arm to drain any extra blood The cosmetic surgeon will likely recommend medication for pain to diminish the risk of infection.
For the first week, the breasts will most likely feel irritated and sensitive. You’ll need to limit physical exercise for two to four weeks as the breasts heal. Scars usually become light over time.

Although you will see results immediately, it will take months for the swelling to completely go down and the surgery scars to become light. The final result is generally long lasting, although breasts condition and size can change due to factors such as ageing and weight gain or loss.

Breasts Reduction by Liposuction
In young, unmarried women or when scars on breasts are not desirable, patients may consider the option of breast reduction by selective removal of fat from breasts by liposuction. It is a safe surgery and breasts reduction can be very significant in women with obesity. It is done very safely under local anaesthesia. Patients may discuss all aspects with cosmetic surgery during a consultation.

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