Is Cosmetic Surgery for Breast Augmentation, right for me?

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Undergoing a breast enlargement surgery also called, breast augmentation, is a major decision.
It involves placing breast implants inside the breasts to increase the size of the breasts.

Once you decide that you want to go ahead with it, be sure about why you want breast augmentation. It may help to read our article- “Is cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation right for me?”

Go through the article to discover:
⦁ Exactly where do I go for my surgery?
⦁ What does it involve?
⦁ Selecting or Deciding on your implants
⦁ Recovery

Exactly where do I go?
If you’re most likely looking in India, check Vital Clinic, the best breast enlargement clinic in India, that can perform the operation.

What does it involve?
Breasts implant surgery or Breast Augmentation, is performed under local anaesthetic at Vital Clinic. It is an ‘awake’ surgery.

The procedure involves:
⦁ making a cut (incision) in your skin next to or under the breast
⦁ positioning the implant – either between your breast growth and chest muscle, or under the chest muscle
⦁ Closing the incision and protecting it with a dressing
⦁ The procedure takes between one and a half to two hours.
⦁ You may be able to go back home the same day

Selecting or Deciding on your implants
The type of implants most commonly used are silicone gel filled, but saline filled implants are also available.
Your surgeon should discuss with you what condition and type of implant is best for you, according to your breasts shape, sagging or body shape.

Where to place them
The implants can either be located between breast and the chest muscle or under the chest muscle. You’ll need to decide with your surgeon where is ideal for you, but here’s a guide.
⦁ Between the breasts and the muscle: This is the most natural location
⦁ less pain and distress immediately after the procedure
⦁ chest muscle is not damaged
⦁ Under the muscle:
⦁ extra tissue coverage
⦁ less risk of rippling and capsular contracture

Just how long do breast augmentations last or in other words, what is the life of an implant surgery?
Breast implants will not last a life time. They are prone to need replacing at some point.
Some women may need further surgery after about 10 years, either because of problems with the implants or because their breasts have changed due to natural ageing.

It can take one or two weeks to completely recover from breast implant surgery. You may need to take a week or two off work and shouldn’t drive for at least seven days.

You’d probably need to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for at least a month and keep your breast scars out of direct sunlight for about a year.

After a week or two: Stitches would be removed (unless self-dissolving stitches were given). Within 6 weeks: You’d probably be able to go back to almost all of your normal activities. After a few months: Your breasts would usually learn to feel and look more natural.


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