Breast Augmentation totally under local Anaesthesia – ‘Awake’ TECHNIQUE’

The ‘AWAKE’ technique is bloodless and completely painless way of performing breast augmentation totally under local anaesthesia in every female or male patient desiring increase in breast or chest size. Breast augmentation, both retro-pectoral (under the muscle) or sub-glandular (above the muscle) is performed totally under local anaesthesia and without sedation. It is an excellent method of breast augmentation. Currently this cosmetic surgery procedure is mostly done under general anaesthesia and patient experiences unbearable pain in immediate post-op period. Strong sedatives or analgesics are required to control pain. However, when breast augmentation is done totally under local anaesthesia, by the ‘awake’ technique without sedation, there is virtually no pain in the post-op period for several hours. Patients walk out of the operation room and can be give light refreshment immediately after surgery. Patients can sit up during the surgery and appreciate the results immediately.

During breast augmentation totally under local anaesthesia, there is no need for intra-venous sedation or intra-venous fluids. As such this procedure is an office procedure therefore there is no need for admission in hospital for overnight stay. The technique involves infiltration of adequate amount of local anesthetic in a proper plane below or above the muscle area, as required. Adequate size cavity is created painlessly and silicone breast implants are put in with the patient awake and conversant. Patients are discharged from the clinic immediately after surgery, completely pain free.

There is virtually nil blood loss during surgery, never an incidence of postoperative blood collection and minimal postoperative pain. Some degree of limitation of arms movement due to pain remains for 3-4 days. However, recovery is very early.

Suffice it to say that a very satisfactory breast augmentation can be done by awake technique, totally under local anaesthesia, without sedation, without the need for intravenous infusions or overnight stay in hospital. It is possible because technique permits painless and bloodless space creation for implants below or above pectoral muscles.

Dr. JB Ratti MS
Cosmetic Surgeon

New Delhi, India

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